Coloma Public Library

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Getting a Library Card

Library Card Eligibility

The legal service area of the Coloma Public Library includes Coloma City, Coloma Township, Hagar Township, and Bainbridge Township; with the exception of Bainbridge Township residents in the Dowagiac District Library area and Dowagiac School District.

Coloma Public Library card holders are entitled to a library card with neighboring library systems in which reciprocal borrowing agreements have been established.

A 5-year Coloma Public Library Card may be obtained by meeting one of the following qualifications:

  • Reside in Coloma Public Library’s legal service area 
  • Own property or a business in Coloma Public Library’s legal service area

Identification and proof of residency are required for registration. Business owners must also show proof of ownership. 5-year cards allow full access to library services including materials checkouts, computer use, Interlibrary Loan service, and participating in the MILibrary Card program. At the end of 5 years, cards must be renewed.

MILibraryCard Program

The Coloma Public Library is a participant in the statewide MILibraryCard program that enables patrons to go to other libraries and access materials and services directly.  MILibraryCard stickers may be issued to patrons in good standing.  Patrons issued a MILibraryCard sticker must comply with the rules of the library they are using.  The same applies to MILibraryCard members from other libraries.

    To Obtain a Library Card

    Proof of address and identification are required to obtain a Coloma Public Library card.  If a photo identification card does not include the current address, another document may be used, such as a utility bill, a piece of mail addressed to the cardholder, a current voter registration card, etc.  Proof of address can be in digital format as well as print format.  Library staff may make determinations to require additional verification as needed.

    When registering for a new account, a patron is issued a library card to be used when checking out library materials.  New patrons are limited to 5 items the first time they check out material.

    Minor Library Cards

    Minors, age 5 to under 18 years old, are eligible for a library card with permission from a parent or a responsible caregiver who must verify card eligibility. The authorizing adult will also accept full responsibility for materials borrowed on the minor’s card and shall have the right to access the minor’s circulation record.

    Minors will be eligible to create new adult cards upon turning 18 years old.

    1-year Coloma Public Library Cards

    A 1-year Coloma Public Library Card may be obtained by meeting one of the following qualifications:

    • Teach within the Coloma Public School System
    • Be an active member of the United States Military
    • Purchase a non-resident card for an annual fee of $50 for individuals.

    1-year cards allow access to library services including materials checkouts and computer use. 1-year cards do not qualify for participation in the MILibraryCard program; however, Interlibrary Loan Service through MeL is available. At the end of 1 year, cards must be renewed.