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Job Opportunities

Equal Opportunity Employer

Equal Employment Opportunity is a fundamental principle at the Coloma Public Library, where employment opportunities are based on job qualifications without discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, veteran status, disability, height, weight, familial status, marital status or any other characteristic protected by law.

We respect the diversity that exists within our Coloma community and among our employees, and strive to maintain a workplace culture based on inclusiveness where respect, equity and positive recognition of differences are cultivated.

What Happens After You Apply

We know that once you submit the application, you’ll be eager to hear back. We are also eager to find our awesome new team-mate! However, we expect to receive quite a few applications and it will take some time to sort through them.

We will acknowledge receipt of your packet so you know we have it. Once we’ve gone through the packets, we will reach out to applicants for interviews.

After the interviews are completed, all candidates will be notified of the status of the position.

The process may take several weeks overall.

We meet so many delightful people in interviews, but only have one slot to fill. If you are not selected for the job, please consider applying for another opportunity in the future.

Apply for a Job with CPL

Prior applications are not kept on file once a position has been filled. Interested applicants are welcome to apply for subsequent job opportunities by completing a new application form.

Tips for Applicants

  1. Read the job posting carefully before you complete your application. Note the minimum qualifications, scheduling requirements, and physical requirements for the position.
  2. Provide details of your work history. Provide descriptions of duties and responsibilities.
  3. Fill out the application completely. Make sure you have everything you need to know including dates of previous employment and names and addresses of previous employers. Demonstrate in your application why you are qualified for this position.
  4. The preferred method to submit materials is electronically via email. You are encouraged to add a resume as well as a brief letter of interest.
  5. Carefully read the section on the last page of the application, in blue bold text, before signing and submitting your application.

Review the American Library Association Code of Ethics to gain insight on serving in libraries.

Please contact Mary Harrison, Director, at for questions.