Coloma Public Library

Turning the Page on Our Future

Our Library History

A dream of the newly organized Self Culture Club in 1902 was to begin a library.  After two years of planning, the club ladies each donated a book.  In 1904, Mrs. Luella Howard contributed space in her cupboard and acted as librarian in her home.  In 1905, the library was moved into the Zuver building.

Library’s Location On East Logan

In 1923, the library moved into the front room of the I.O.O.F. Hall.  In 1955, the library moved into rooms of the newly built City Hall.  In 1963 the club, feeling the project had grown beyond their volunteer service, met with city and township officials, and in December presented to them all books and equipment to be used as a public library.  The public library was formed between Coloma Township and Coloma City under Public Act 164 of 1955.  Mrs. Kenneth Tibbs became the first librarian to serve under the newly formed public library.

Library’s Location On Paw Paw Street in Coloma

The building on East Logan Street was completed in 1964, and was praised at the time as beautiful and roomy, but by 1970 it was overcrowded.  Remodeling of the former Ferguson dime store at 262-264 Paw Paw Street for the Coloma Public Library began in the fall of 1977.  The library opened in its new location on Thursday, January 5, 1978. 
After 24 years at the library’s present location, it was recognized that expansion was inevitable.

Library’s Location Today

The library broke ground April 4, 2003 for a new building at the library’s present site. The library was dedicated on April 25, 2004 and is a busy and vibrant place. If you haven’t visited your library, now is a great time!